"When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships." - Andy Warhol

Friday, May 18, 2012

If I thought like a man, I may have enjoyed The Avengers

I think I may be the only one who walked out of a movie that had a record-breaking opening weekend. Yup, I’m that girl.

I normally wouldn't purchase tickets for an action-packed, comic-based movie in 3D, but I ended up in the first row of the theater to see The Avengers in an effort to be a team player with my husband and our friends.

Wake me if I snore 

From the first gamma-ray packed moments of the movie, my thoughts started drifting. When things started blowing up around Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson, who donned a pirate-style eye patch to my amusement) and Loki (played Tom Hiddleston), who carried a threatening glow stick of sorts, my attention was as good as gone.

As imaginative and creative as I like to think I am, I'm not a fan of science fiction starring super heroes. Story lines that revolve around improbability by way of alien invasions and super powers are too outside the realm of possibility to hold my attention.

So naturally, I left my plastic 3D glasses in the care of my husband, who was enjoying the show, and walked past dozens of engrossed movie-watchers to sneak out the exit door.

Is this seat taken? 

To kill time until the Avengers saved the world from mass destruction, I caught some of Think Like a Man. It didn’t matter that I had missed more than the first half of the movie, I was just relieved to see human characters doing human things – namely, talking about their feelings and contemplating their relationships.

The “Avengers Initiative” could continue their quest for the “Tesseract” in the next theater – I was content watching Candace (Regina Hall) ask Michael (Terrence Jenkins) to leave and watching Dominic (Michael Ealy) and Lauren (Taraji Henson) break up.

I think I caught the movie at its turning point – the main characters had made their mistakes and were dealing with the aftermath. They looked lonely and lost even as they feebly tried to embrace their new found “freedom.”

But not too long after the characters experienced the doldrums of single life, one by one, the couples started to reunite:

  • Cedric (Kevin Hart) comically reunited with his estranged wife during a phone call that he made from the men’s room.
  • Michael dramatically announced his devotion to Candace during an outdoor family picnic. 
  • Lauren interrupted the grand opening of Dominic’s food truck (by cutting in line and insulting one of his customers, no less) to convince him to take her back. 
  • Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) halted a real estate transaction that his former girlfriend was just about to close (at least that’s what I’m guessing based on what I saw) by pleading with her for another chance. And then, of course, he popped the question. 
At the end of the movie, the audience clapped. I smiled. But then it hit me – here I was, escaping the improbability of flesh-and-blood comic book characters saving the world from a Chitauri army in favor of watching Hollywood’s version of ordinary men and women rekindling their broken relationships with ostentatious gestures (after being propelled to urgent action by unstoppable emotional forces - can’t forget that part).

Both scenarios: highly improbable.

So, maybe Think Like a Man isn’t any more grounded in reality than The Avengers. But I guess when it comes down to it, I’m more of a believer in destiny, love, and grandiose gestures than I am in hostile extraterrestrials, all-powerful Asgardian artifacts, and mind control.


  1. Great post! I feel your pain. At least you were brave enough to leave and find another movie. I have suffered through many Star Trek movies over the years and/or fallen asleep. What a waste of money!

  2. My husband keeps trying to get me to see Star Wars (or Star Trek - one of them!)...I tried once and got through the first 20 minutes or so...
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I give you a solid B+ for the effort of trying to make it through the avengers for my birthday

  4. At least you go with your husband. I can't even get Hollie to go. You two are cut from the same cloth.