"When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships." - Andy Warhol

Friday, June 1, 2012

Golden before my time?

I sometimes wonder how many women in their twenties or thirties can say that they’ve seen every episode of The Golden Girls. Am I the only one who takes comfort in immersing myself in the stylish, witty world of four senior citizens?

Since re-runs of the show are still played daily, I think it’s safe to guess that I’m not alone in my love for Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Sofia, and the cozy home they share in Miami, Florida.

Why do I tune in? 

I guess it has something to do with the fact that I’ve already thought about what can potentially follow the happy years of marriage and raising children - divorce, widowhood, and caring for an aging parent. None of these things seem like promising story lines for a sitcom. But they work.

Although the actresses who played the characters of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sofia did so with dimensionality and depth, I don’t think they’d disagree with the presumption that Dorothy was the smart one, Rose was the dumb one, Blanche was the slutty one, and Sofia was the feisty one.

But through these seemingly simplistic character types, the golden girls timelessly personified girl power - and managed to do it with heart, smarts, and yes, even sexiness - post-retirement.

You can't go wrong with cheesecake 

In a lot of cases, I know that I’m drawn to shows that give me a little vacation from my own reality and let me vicariously “live” another life - sometimes I’m a successful doctor or writer, a popular high school student, or maybe just a likable, attractive woman with close friends and a welcoming, kitschy apartment.

That being said, watching The Golden Girls doesn’t give me the same vacation - I don’t necessarily want to trade places with someone who’s as old as my grandmother. I suppose I just like the way their kitten heels make demure tapping noises on their living room floor when they walk around and how they refer to their patio as the “lanai.” And who wouldn’t like the way they gather around their small, round kitchen table with coffee and cheesecake?

Letting your dreams age gracefully, too

Most of all, I like the way they show me that even if your “golden” years aren’t what you dreamed they’d be, they don’t have to suck.

In fact, even if your ex-husband (who coincidentally wears a toupee and sells novelties) leaves you for a younger woman, or your husband’s golden years end before yours, you can still have fun and experience new things and new relationships.

Nobody wants to picture their marriage ending in divorce or the death of their partner, but when you watch the girls, you don’t think about what they’ve lost, you think about what they have. And you feel inspired.

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  1. Haven't thought about this show for years, thanks for giving me a trip down memory lane!